Best Cool & Funny Kids T-shirts: a Guide

Shopping clothes for your children can be challenging, especially when they already have their own fashion taste. Even browsing clothing as basic as kids t-shirts can be such a difficult task that becomes even more difficult if your child is picky.

At Zesty Club, we understand how hard it can be to choose your kids clothes: you don’t know if you should prioritise comfort or the kid’s taste when it comes to the t-shirt design. On the other hand, some kids tees will sometimes be out of your budget (yes, we’re talking about those super expensive Disney or comics tees).

To help you choose the best t-shirts for your kids, we have created a quick guide for both boys and girls t-shirts. In this guide, we give you a brief overview on how you should choose your kids clothes and our top t-shirt design choices for kids.

How to choose your kids clothes

Like we said above, we understand how picking your children’s clothes can be a complicated task sometimes. We want our children to feel as comfortable as possible for them to feel free to play around with their friends. But, at the same time, we want them to look clean and tidy. Moreover, some parents love to create beautiful outfits for their children and sometimes they need to find that superhero or special character t-shirt design that their kids keep asking for.

Considering all these aspects, there are some golden rules that you should follow to choose your children’s clothes:

  • Prioritise comfortable clothing. When you’re picking clothes for your kids it is important to choose comfortable clothes - you should ideally pick 100% cotton tees for maximum comfort and ensure the clothing size fits your kid perfectly. If it’s too big, wait until your child grows into it; if it’s too small, pass it on to someone else.
  • Avoid fabrics that aren’t breathable. You should avoid fabrics that won’t let your kid’s skin breathe. In fact, if your kid sweats a lot it could be a sign your child wears unbreathable fabrics. Avoid synthetic fibres like tulle and imitation leather.
  • Ask your children if they like the design. This is a fundamental step about shopping clothes for your kids that many parents skip. You might think that your kids are too little to have an opinion on their clothing, but in fact it is extremely important to understand what your kid likes or dislikes. This will not only help your children develop their own critical thinking and personality but also allow them to feel great when they wear their favourite outfits.
  • Consider the occasion. When will your child use this piece of clothing you’re buying? Consider whether you’re buying apparel for a special occasion or casual days. If it’s a gift for a birthday or Christmas, you can opt for choosing an unique kids tee or a funny design.
  • Make sure the clothing matches the season. When will your kid wear the clothing? If it’s for winter time, you will likely choose warmer but still comfortable wear, whereas if you’re shopping kids wear for summer, you can pick lighter fabrics.
  • Shop kids footwear carefully. It is essential that footwear fits your children’s feet appropriately and that your child’s shoes adapt to his or her feet. Adequate footwear keeps your child’s feet from becoming deformed and helps your little one to walk properly.
  • Don’t overdo accessories. Accessories can often be uncomfortable to wear for your children, regardless of fashion purposes. Many kids' accessories can also break easily and even be dangerous in the event they break. Therefore, use common sense to shop accessories for your children and limit the accessories to 1 or 2 pieces.

How many layers of clothing do children need

Whilst for warmer summer seasons, clothing layering is not as important for kids, during winter time it is essential to provide your children with several layers of clothing to ensure they are warm enough throughout the day.

Younger children are more susceptible to cold for a biological reason: their bodies are smaller, which means that they lose heat more rapidly. This is one of the reasons why kids get colds and the flu more easily than adults. On top of that, kids are also more likely to feel cold themselves. Therefore, dressing your kids with several layers of clothing is the way to go.

There is no all-size-fits-all answer to how many layers of clothing children need because it depends on multiple factors, such as: the average winter temperature where you live, how young your kid is, where your children spend most of their days (are they playing outside for longer periods of time?). 

Despite all these potential factors, there is a good rule of thumb you can follow - it is called the layering 101 rule. This rule basically consists of 3 basic layers:

  1. Base Layer. The base layer is essential to wick moisture. This base layer can be a basic tee or a long-sleeve t-shirt that allows for the snug fit.
  2. Middle Layer. The middle layer insulates heat, keeping your keep nicely warm. You should look for materials like down, wool or fleece. This layer shouldn’t restrain movement - remember to always opt for comfortable kids wear!
  3. Outer Layer. The outer layer protects your children from rain, wind and snow. It should only be used outdoors. This can be a waterproof jacket or shell or a GORE-TEX coat to allow your child to remain active.

How do you dress a baby?

Dressing a baby differs greatly from dressing a 5-year old kid, for example. To dictate how you should dress your baby you need to consider above all the time of the year. If it’s summer time, a lightweight onesie or a wrap t-shirt and footies will usually be all you need. 

On the other hand, if it’s winter time, you will ideally want to add a couple of layers to the baby’s onesie, which should act as a base layer. A good rule of thumb is to always dress your baby with an extra layer than adults. For example, if it’s so cold that you’re wearing 2 layers of clothing, you should dress your baby with 3 layers of clothing, where the onesie will act as the 1st layer. 

It is also extremely important to consider how thick the layers of clothing are. For colder temperatures, you should opt for thicker layers. And if the baby is a new-born, you should ideally pick long-sleeve clothes.

Best Cool and Funny T-shirts for Kids

Now that you know all the factors that go into choosing clothes for your kids and what key rules you should follow, you can see below our top design picks for kids’ t-shirts.

Kids Baby Shark Tee

kids white baby shark tee

This t-shirt's subtle design makes it perfect for everyday life, including casual days, family days or birthday parties. This beautiful tee features the famous Baby Shark and it is super comfy. It is available in white but also in other vibrant colours so that your kids can make their own fashion statement.

Kids Dinosaur T-shirt

kids red dinosaur t-shirt
This is the perfect choice if your kid keeps asking you for a dino t-shirt. This super cool t-shirt is available in vibrant colours to match the high energy levels of the little ones. Made with 100% cotton, this kids dinosaur t-shirt is the perfect blend of comfortable textiles and beautiful design - and it will surely brighten up your kids' day!

Kids Superhero Tee

kids blue superhero tee

Are your kids passionate about super heroes? Then this superhero tee is the perfect t-shirt for your children to unveil their inner heroes! This unique and funny design features a "super carrot" to demonstrate how anyone or anything can use their inner strength to achieve anything. This design will surely delight your little ones.


Kids Frankenstein T-shirt

kids yellow Frankenstein t-shirt
If you're looking for a unique and cool t-shirt for you kid, you can stop looking because we've found the perfect choice for you. This Frankenstein kids t-shirt will be one of those premium once-in-a-lifetime sort of pieces in any kids wardrobe. Super comfortable and durable, this Zesty Club's legacy tee will surely be unforgettable for anyone who spots it, wherever you go.

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