How to Save Sea Turtles by Using Reusable Straws

"Straws are consistently on the top 10 lists for marine debris collected every year during the International Coastal Clean-up. It is estimated that Americans use a whopping 500 million straws per day – a number that, end-to-end, could circle the planet 2.5 times. Now imagine this number compounded on a global scale" (data reported by Sailors for the Sea).

Sea pollution caused by a variety of plastic, including plastic straws

Unfortunately, marine animals like sea turtles are the main victims of human activity. Plastic drinking straws are not recyclable and most of times they end up in the Ocean. Sea turtles then accidentally consume these drinking straws and they die. You might be wondering 'why do we even need drinking straws?'.

Well, firstly, there are many people with skin conditions (e.g. eczema) and because of those conditions they have to use drinking straws so that their condition doesn't aggravate. On the other side, we all should be free to make choices and if we like to use a special tool (drinking straw) to drink a liquid, we should be free to make that decision. Nevertheless, we need to understand that there are plenty of alternatives to plastic drinking straws and that if we make the right choice we can help saving not only sea turtles but also our environment. 

Plastic disposable straws found in the ocean

Single-use plastic consumption has been a big environmental issue for decades and the reason why is because we use a piece of plastic for a single-use and its full decomposition takes thousands of years to occur. Moreover, a big amount of plastic waste ends up in the ocean - there are currently 150 Million metric tons of plastic circulating our oceans.

However, there's a solution for this problem. What if instead of using a disposable plastic straw, we simply use a reusable stainless steel straw that would last at least a few years?

Reusable straw that can save sea turtles

Plastic straws are destroying our environment. And they're not recyclable. That's enough straws to wrap around the Earth 2.5 times. ZESTY CLUB decided to launch the most modern and affordable reusable and collapsible straw to prevent plastic pollution.

Using Zesty Club's reusable straw is a way of saving the environment. Moreover, Zesty Reusable Straw is made of the highest-quality recycled materials. The Zesty Straw is sexy and super cool! It's time for you to join the #StrawFree movement and order today your last ever straw! It fits in a compact case, hangs on your keychain and comes with a cleaning squeegee, plus it is dishwasher safe. So you never have to use another plastic straw again!

Young lady drinking a smoothie with a reusable straw

Benefits of Using a Reusable Straw

  • Reusable straw made of stainless steel - durable and it prevents plastic waste!
  • Straw's case is made of 100% recycled ABS - we use recycled materials to make our products 100% sustainable! 
  • It lasts forever! Most of our costumers have reported that after 3 years, the straw was still like it was new; 
  • Our kit includes a cleaning squeegee: you don't need to worry about cleaning our straw because our kit includes a cleaning instrument; plus, our straw is dishwasher safe so you can wash in your dishwasher as many times as you wish.
  • It is collapsible and fits in a sexy coloured case (included in the kit) which makes it portable to everywhere you go: work, school, café, bar or even the nightclub.
  • It hangs on your keychain: who wouldn't love to showcase such an eco-friendly and sexy product?


Saving the environment is thinking not only about sea turtles and the environment but also about the future of our next generations, our children and grandchildren. Start making the different today by using Zesty Club's exclusive reusable straw with case.

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